About us

Who we are?

ROSS Auditores y Consultores

Is a national firm of independent public accountants established with the union of important talents — creditors of extensive and successful professional experience — offered to the different sectors of Ecuador’s economy, maintaining always the highest of standards.




Be objective, transparent, and timely in the attention we provide our customers.

Research, study, and transmit the information required by the different economic executives in Ecuador.

Be a support so that the management of our clients is effective and efficient, maintaining our professional independence.

Train, develop, and maintain the best team of professionals who are ready to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our commitment... YOUR SUCCESS!

Our management team

The Network

In recent years, the globalization and internationalization of corporations, relationships and associations has had a vertiginous development—regardless the size of companies. Presence in the world market is not only a reality, but a necessity in the modern world. How can one find professionals who are familiar with the legal, fiscal and economic practices of each country who truly understand their different cultural structures? In today's business world, there is great need for local specialists with a global vision and a deep understanding of their countries’ reality, so that local business practices can be adapted to international business standards.

The Network

Common Link

Our reputation for excellence and integrity is our most valuable asset. All our members are committed to providing the highest quality of service.

Referential Fees

Rate / Hour

Partner: $ 150.00; Manager: $ 100.00; Supervisor: $ 75.00; Senior: $ 45.00;
Junior: $ 20.00; Trainee: $ 10.00;